1964 VOX AC30 Top Boost Copper Panel – JMI

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Make: VOX
Model:AC30 – Top Boost Copper Panel – JMI
Tubes:4 X EL84 – GZ34 – 5 X ECC83 – ECC82
Watts:30 watts


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We present a super clean 1964 Vox AC30 Top Boost with its original 2 x 12 Cabinet.

This beautiful set has been purchased from its original owner. It even comes complete with its original transformers and original footswitch. Cosmetically the amplifier has little wear and tear. The tolex is in great shape and the amplifier is in very original condition. Only a few resistors, filter caps and a newer power cord have been changed so it can run perfectly. Some of the tubes are still NOS Mullard tubes.

The original 2 x12 cabinet still has the original Silverbell speakers. They are also in perfect working order and sound great. The original copper panel is super clean and there is beautifully aged grill cloth. The amp is in perfect working order and simply one of the best AC30 I’ve ever heard. It’s chimey, beefy, gritty, glassy and shimmering sparkling. Only few screws are missing on the back panel.

Fully serviced and ready to be played.


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