Carr Rambler – Amplifier

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Make: Carr Rambler
Model: Rambler 6L6 28 Watts
Tubes: 3 x 12AX7, 1 12AT7, 2 6L6GC
Watts: 28 Watts
Condition: Very Good

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We present a lovely boutique amplifier. This amp is in perfect working order with few cosmetic wear in the tolex. Otherwise 100% working amplifier that sounds fantastic.

The Carr Rambler Amp is one of the earliest designs from Carr Amplifiers, and is still one of their most popular offerings. The Rambler gives that unmistakable American “Deluxe” sound, but with vastly improved clean headroom, tighter bass response, and the ability to switch between 28 watts pentode and 14 watts triode.

Triode/Pentode Switch – Changes the way the output tubes operate. Pentode sounds loud and punchy with great headroom while Triode is more vintage and warm with very thick midrange. The Pentode mode is the Rambler’s full power setting, producing 28 watts. The Triode mode makes 14 watts.

The Rambler is Carr Amplifiers’ shot at offering a classic 1×12 combo for small gig/club settings with appropriate headroom, reverb, and tremolo. The Rambler has been described as having a full, rounded tone with a great threshold for clean sounds; also making it a fantastic pedal platform for those of us addicted to overdrive and fuzz pedals. Many Carr owners regard the Rambler as one of the pinnacle club amps with a great palette of tone for any player and any style

28 watts (pentode)/14 watts (triode)
Channels: 1
Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Tremolo Depth, Tremolo Speed
Switches: Triode/Pentode
Reverb: Yes
FX Loop: No