Original 1951 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5B3 (Tv-Panel)

Model:Tweed Deluxe 5B3 (Tv-Panel)
Tubes:5Y3GT- 2 X 6V6GT- 2 X 6SC7
Watts: 10 – 14 watts



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I present an original and super clean 1951 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5B3 Tv-Panel.

This early TV-front Deluxe remains in the best condition. The old style un-lacquered tweed covering is not”smoked” like others. It only shows very minor light wear. Also there is some very minor corrosion to the faceplate. Even the handle is nice and intact. Overall the amplifier is in crazy condition for its age, the nicest one I ever had in my inventory.

Inside the chassis, Lupe’s name is on the tape that tells who wired this Deluxe. The original alnico 1 x 12 Jensen speaker is also in great condition and sounds amazing. The speaker is dated to the 5th week of 1950. The pots is dated to the second half of the 1950. This amplifier is served with some newer cabs, and tubes, which you have to if you wanna play it.

To keep it as original as possible there is a stepdown transformer , so it can run with 230volt without changing anything.
Both transformers are original.

The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners and hand inked serial number.

The amp is full serviced and ready to be played.



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