original 1954 fender deluxe tweed 5D3 – Wide Panel

Model:Deluxe 5D3 – Wide-Panel
Tubes:5Y3GT- 2 X 6V6GT-12AX7
Watts: 10 – 14 watts

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We present an original 1954 Fender Deluxe 5D3 model made made in Fullerton, California.

This lovely wide-panel Fender Tweed Deluxe shows some typical wear and scuffing, but boy does it sing! This amp is wired up by Julia who left her name on the masking tape tag in the chassis. At the same time some of the first production Stratocasters were just getting wired up down the line! The tweed shows some typical wear but overall is well-preserved, and the chrome control panel and graphics are very nicely preserved. The handle is a good quality repro.

The amp retains its original Jensen P12R speaker. The transformers are original as well, the PT being a Triad stamped 6452 and the output a Triad 246. Pots seem to have been sourced in large quantity even this early and often sat around at Fender longer than many other components.

This amp has had a full servicing including a cap job, a modern 3-prong grounded cord added, and death cap removal. It has been biased to spec. and all jacks, pots, and sockets have been cleaned. The tubes are a mix; the Rectifier is a GE Electronic 5Y3, Power 2x JAN Phillips 6V6, and Preamps are Electro Harmonix 12AX7. This Deluxe sounds fantastic, with a full grinding overdrive palette at volume, and a nice snarly twang at low levels. A great gigging or recording amp and just a joy to play through. Overall this beautiful amplifier is in excellent Condition. You need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchase through Guitar Hunter.

– Serial number: 3648
– Speaker code: 46th week of 1954
– Pot codes are 304 406 and 304 349 from early 1954 and late ’53.
– The tube chart code of DL dates assembly to December 1954




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