original 1963 Fender Princeton Brownface-6g2

Model:Princeton Brownface 6G2
Tubes:5Y3GT- 2 X 6V6GT- 12AX7 – 7025
Watts: 12 watts


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I present an original and rare 1963 Fender Princeton Brownface 6G2. This one is the nicest sounding and best looking transitional Princeton’s you’re likely to find. Absolutely a pure sweet tone for days and a very versatile amp despite not having on-board reverb.

This Princeton is serviced with some new resistors, cabs and handle. The original Oxford CTS 10 inch speaker is professionel reconed so it is in perfect working order. Overall this amp is in stunning condition with its original tolex, faceplate, transformers and grill cloth. Everything is in pristine condition.

To keep it as original as possible there is a stepdown transformer include, so it can run with 230volt without changing anything.

The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners and hand inked serial number.

The amp is full serviced and ready to be played.

– Output Transformer: 1962
– Power Transformer: 1963
– Chart Date M.E: May 1963
– Serial number: P05525
– Speaker Date Code: 465-231 – 31th week of 1963




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