original 1965 fender jaguar In lake placid blue finish with matching headstock / gold hardware

Case:Original hardshell case


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We present an original and early 1965 Fender Jaguar with matching headstock, in its original Lake Placid Blue finish with gold hardware! 

To find a Jaguar with gold hardware is nearly impossible. A super rare piece of history as well as a top collector piece and notch player!  Every single screw , hardware and whammy bar is in gold, even the truss rod nut. Some of the parts are more aged, but they are all in gold. 

The only thing that has been replaced on this beauty, is a new black foam (aka rubber) on the flip up mute. This is totally common and don’t effect the value or originality, because they shrink and become useless. It needs to be changed if you wanna use it properly. Like you have to change strings from time to time.

This rare piece is absolutely stunning to play and has all of the early features of this model, including clay dots on the veneer rosewood fingerboard. It even comes complete with it’s original tremolo arm.

There is so much resonance of this instrument when you strike your first chord, and that dynamic, soulful quality really translates into the amplified signal. The Jaguar offers tonal options to both thicken up the sound and alternately make it even more sinewy and thin.

The “strangle” toggle (located on the hexagonal plate next to the individual pickup on/off switches) gives the guitar a treble heavy snap, while the rhythm circuit is a separate circuit for the neck pickup, engaging a darker tone cap. The rhythm circuit provides one of the best sounds on this guitar, with a thicker, wooly tone that still has plenty of clarity, while adding warmth to your clean signal.

The maple neck has a C-shaped profile which is very slender at the nut, gaining notable shoulder and roundness as you travel up the fretboard with good chunk.
This Jaguar has beautiful nitro lacquer checking and nicks and dings, and other cosmetic wear. Through the years some of the gold parts has gotten great patina.

Pickups and electronics/wiring are untouched and intact, with no broken solder joints, no re-wound pickups. All original and correct.

Comes with is original hardshell  case.

Neck date: January 1965
Pots dated: 50th week of 1964
Neck pickup 6.84 kOhm & Bridge pickup 6.56  kOhm
Weight: 3.65 Kilogram


Original 1965 Fender Jaguar In Lake Placid Blue Finish With Matching Headstock / Gold Hardware Certificate Of Authenticity

With your purchase you get picture documentation on a USB drive and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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