Original 1965 Fender Jaguar In Sunburst Finish

Make: Fender
Model: Jaguar In Sunburst Finish
Year: 1965
Case: Original Hardshell Case & Hang Tag
Condition: All Original

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If you would like to see internal photos of the guitar, you are more than welcome to contact us through email or give us a call. Thank you!  

We present an all original and late 1965 Fender Jaguar in Sunburst finish.

This is absolutely great shape for its age. The worn maple bound neck has a C-shaped profile. This Jaguar has beautiful nitro lacquer with a lot of nicks and dings, and other cosmetic play-wear. Even come with its original tremolo arm, bridge cover AND matching number hang tag. It has beautiful dark veneer rosewood fingerboard with dots. The original frets and nut has plenty of life left. The high E-string tuner is a little bent, but it’s still in perfect working order. There is so much resonance of this instrument when you strike your first chord. That dynamic, soulful quality really translates into the amplified signal. The Jaguar offers tonal options to both thicken up the sound and alternately make it even more sinewy and thin.

The “strangle” toggle (located on the hexagonal plate next to the individual pickup on/off switches) gives the guitar a treble heavy snap, while the rhythm circuit is a separate circuit for the neck pickup, engaging a darker tone cap. The rhythm circuit provides one of the best sounds on this guitar, with a thicker, wooly tone that still has plenty of clarity, while adding warmth to your clean signal.

Pickups and electronics/wiring are untouched and intact, with no broken solder joints, no re-wound pickups. All original and correct.

Comes with its original Fender hardshell case. Latches and handle are in perfect working order.

  • Neck date: October 1965.
  • Pots dated: 45th week of 1965.
  • Neck pickup: 6.38 kOhm
  • Bridge pickup: 6.54 kOhm
  • Weight: 3.9 Kilograms

With your purchase you get picture documentation on a USB drive and a Certificate of Authenticity.