Original 1965 Fender Vibro Champ ( Blackface )

Model:Vibro Champ  (Blackface)
Tubes:5Y3GT-6V6GT -12AX7-12AX7
Watts:5 watts



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I present an original 1965 Fender Vibro Champ in exceptional condition

This amp is an early example with a no-logo cab, delivering five watts of pure Blackface Class A tube tone! A surprisingly loud amp with an alnico 8″ speaker.
This Vibro Champ has just the right amount of glassy, sparkling clean tone before pushing into smooth,  and of course, Fender’s lush sounding tremolo circuit has a strong pulse and wide range of speeds.

The circuit is very original, with stock Schumacher transformers that both date to the 13th and 14th weeks of ’65. The preamp is virtually untouched, with only one new capacitor and resistor. The tube chart is very clean and fully intact, with an “OD” code which translates to April of 1965.

The speaker is a vintage, Fender-branded Oxford 8″ with a clean blue Fender label on the alnico magnet and a frame that shows virtually no wear. The speaker dates a few years later than the amp and has been professionally reconed, ensuring optimal functionality and tone for years to come. The amp has a new three-prong power cable too.
There is a stepdown transformer (so it can run 230volt) to keep it as original as possible.

This Vibro Champ is an ideal example of Blackface tone that sure to delight both discerning collectors and serious players.

Freshly, and full serviced and it is ready to be played.



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