original 1966 fender champ-blackface

Model: Champ -Blackface
Tubes:5Y3GT-6V6GT -12AX7
Watts:5 watts




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I present an original 1966 Fender Champ in exceptional condition.

This Blackface is surprisingly loud and has just the right amount of glassy, sparkling and clean tone. Overall an ideal example of Blackface tone that sure to delight both discerning collectors and serious players.

The circuit is very original with few caps and resistors that has been changed. Both transformers is original. The original speaker is a Fender Oxford 8″ with a clean blue Fender label on the alnico magnet and a frame that shows virtually no wear. To keep it as original as possible, you need a desktop voltage converter, so it can run with 230volt without changing anything (If you live in USA, there is no need to purchase a stepdown converter )

Freshly, full serviced and it’s ready to be played.

– Chart Date: PJ – October 1966
– Speaker Date Code 465-550: 50th week of 1965
– Serial Number: A07993



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