original 1967 supro model 24 – black tolex

Make: Supro
Model: Model 24 Black Tolex
Year: 1967
Tubes: 5Y3 – 2 x GE 6973 – 3 x 12AX7
Watts: 18 Watts
Condition: Excellent

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We present a rare original Supro Model 24 in Black Tolex! A real light weight amplifier with killer tones.

This is a hand-wired point-to-point all-tube Supro amp manufactured in Chicago by Valco Mfg. Co. in 1967.
Its in really great condition and in perfect working order. It has some minor wear around the edges of the black tolex. All original. The only thing that’s is changed is the power chord to a 3-prong cable. Runs on 110 volt, so a stepdown converter is required. This can be purchased here at Guitar Hunter.

Speaker code: 220745

-Rare late version with black tolex
-Totally original and unchanged-Original RCA tubes
-Original 12″ Jensen speaker with original cone