Original 1973 Gibson Les Paul signature Goldtop


Make: Gibson
Model: Les Paul Signature Goldtop
Year: 1973
Case: Original hardshell case
Condition: Excellent+

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We present a super cool and all original 1973 Gibson Les Paul Signature Goldtop. This was the first year for production.

The Les Paul Signature was a semi-hollowbody guitar produced in the ’70s. Like the Les Paul Recording, the Signature used low-impedance plastic covered pickups and  the word “Gibson” was added to the pickup covers. Goldtop version of this guitar which does increase the value.

Overall, this guitar is in excellent condition with minor nicks, dings, finish checking and other cosmetic wear. No breaks or any repairs.
The guitar has two outputs for a hi-fi and low-fi circuit and a phase switch, when used normally it has just one volume and one tone control.  Very full and rich but also sterile in a way, making them excellent to control from the board in a recording situation. Gibson created a unique tone by equipping this beauty with mini humbuckers creating a true vintage tone. The Les Paul Signature also features two input jacks: a low impedance jack on the side of the instrument as well as a standard jack on the face of the guitar. The controls are also non-standard. There is a three way impedance knob, allowing the player to switch from 50, 250 and 500 ohm. This changes the resistance in the circuit, altering the output levels and overall tone. There is also a switch for taking the guitar pickups out of phase when it’s in the middle position. This changes the tone of the instrument dramatically, thinning it out and giving it that almost Stratocaster-y quacking sound. The other two knobs are a master volume and master tone.

Comes complete with its original hardshell case, latches are in perfect working order, but the handle is broken (it can be fixed).

All pickups and the electronics/wiring are untouched and intact, with no broken solder joints, no re-wound pickups. All original and correct.

Pots dated: 1973
Weight: 3.6 kilograms

When your purchase, you get a full picture documentation on a USB drive and a certificate of authenticity.