TAD Step-Down transformer 300VA

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Product information “TAD Step-Down transformer with enclosure 300VA”
300VA, 230/115V, black steel enclosure, lighted AC-mains-switch, external fuse, 2 US-AC-Outlets , suitable for:
Fender Princeton Amp, Princeton Reverb Amp, Deluxe Reverb Amp, Vibrolux Reverb Amp, Super Reverb Amp, Bandmaster Reverb (also TFL5005D), Pro Reverb, Blues Junior, Bassman `59 Reissue, Bassman 50, Tweed Deluxe
Marshall 50W, JTM45; Gibson GA 40,50,60; Ampeg SJ12, V2, V3, VT40; Mesa Boogie Cal. 50, DC5, MK I-III  60W Version, Nomad 45, 55, Mark V:35, Mark V:25, Rectoverb, Single Rectifier, Express 5:25, Cal. 50, DC5, Nomad 45, Rectoverb, Single Rectifier, Magnatone Custom 280, Silvertone 1483.