Toroidy Stepdown Converter 230/110V Ats300va

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Toroidy Stepdown Converter 230/110V Ats300va

High quality 230/110V 300VA step-down autotransformer build in a plastic housing with 1 110V outlet, for powering low and medium size appliances originated in USA, Japan, Canada and other countries with 100 – 115V electricity.

Has very low noise due to the toroidal transformer which are also often seen in Hifi units.

Nominal power: 300VA
Output voltage: 110V
Input voltage: 230V
Casing type: plastic
Sockets: 1pcs
Inrush current limiter: No
Ground: No
Overload protection: self resettable thermal protection
Weight: 1,6kg
Size: 150x130x55mm