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Effect Pedals

Are you interested in adding some extra character to your electric guitar? With good effect pedals for guitar, you can influence and create a more distinctive sound. At the same time, effect pedals are quite simply just a lot of fun and another way of inspiring your guitar playing by adding some new features.

Now, what effect pedals should you be looking for? Most good effect pedals for guitar are quite unique, but in general, guitar effect pedals can be separated into a set of certain categories.

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Overdrive, distortion and fuzz

Since the invention of rock and roll, aggressive tones from distorted guitars have fueled the widespread belief that kids listening to guitar tunes with lots of overdrive are dancing with the devil. However, while playing power chords without distortion is like cutting your lawn with a pair of scissors, overdrive pedals with distortion or fuzz are heavily used in most genres nowadays to add a bit of extra crunch.

Atmospheric effect pedals

Are you looking to add some depth and atmosphere to your guitar sound? If so, some good effect pedals for your guitar should be pedals adding effects such as delay, reverb, or chorus.


Delay effect pedals are frequently used by guitarists to either add a bit of depth to their solos or create an echoey rhythm. The delay is created by manually dialling in the repeating of the guitar signal at a set interval.


A reverb pedal manipulates the guitar signal by simulating the sound of a playing in a reverberant room. This effect will add a sense of space and depth to your guitar sound.


By using a guitar effect pedal with chorus, you can create a somewhat shimmering and swirling sound. Chorus is the result of duplicating the guitar signal and slightly modulating the pitch of the duplicated signal.

How do you set up effect pedals?

  1. Connect your guitar to the effect pedal
  2. Connect the effect pedal to your amplifier
  3. Power your pedals (either batteries or external power supply)
  4. Dial in your pedal settings using its knobs
  5. Adjust the settings until you find your preferred sound

What are some popular effect pedal brands and models, and how do they differ in terms of features and sound quality?

There is a wide range of different guitar effect pedal brands, bigger and well-established ones as well as smaller pioneers. Every pedal has its own sound qualities, e.g. overdrive, delay, wah, etc. and appeal differently depending on the guitarist’s preferences. In general though, some of the most popular effects pedal brands include Boss, Electro-Harmonix, MXR, Strymon, TC Electronic, Fulltone, and Dunlop.

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