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Gibson Electric

Gibson Electric

Gibson stands for quality and is one of the most renowned guitar brands in the world. With legendary electric guitar designs such as the the Les Paul, Flying V and SG, they’ve had and still has a huge impact on modern music history.

As authorized Gibson dealer we strive to always have a wide selection in stock at very competitive prices.

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An electric guitar for all preferences

Consistency and high levels of craftsmanship from the USA are what characterizes guitars from Gibson. Here, features such as the type of tonewood and the body styles are what differentiate the electric guitars and their sounds from one another. This way, you can be sure to find your perfect electric guitar in the line of Gibson guitars.

High-quality sound in a league of its own

With their role as one of the world’s most iconic guitar brands, Gibson has left their mark on the guitar industry. Here, their legacy of world-class craftsmanship has contributed to how the Gibson sound has defined the scene of sound for years. For Gibson, quality and innovation are at stake, and it is no coincidence that the Gibson sound has carried weight as a preferred sound for generations.

Share the love of good sound with Guitar Hunter

As the biggest authorized Gibson dealer in Denmark, we strive to always have a wide selection in stock at very competitive prices. Besides electric Gibson guitars, you can find both used- and vintage electric guitars as well as acoustic guitars. What these guitars at Guitar Hunter have in common is that they are all selected based on authenticity. This way, you are always guaranteed a high-end guitar from the iconic guitar brand Gibson.

Explore our range of electric guitars from Gibson, and add the extraordinary Gibson sound to your life – a sound you do not want to miss out on.