Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Double Electric Guitar Case

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Reunion Blues Continental Voyager dobbelt taske til elektrisk guitar

Here’s what Reunion Blues has to say about this fantastic guitar case: 

When we “launched” the RB Continental back in 2008 (literally, from the top of a three story building) we had no idea that we’d be the vanguard of a new era in protective cases that would transform the expectations of professional and hobbyist musicians all over the world. With the RB Continental Voyager series, we’re excited to up the ante once again.

Our shock-absorbing and impact-resistant Flexoskeleton  has been re-vamped with a more efficient internal structure that maintains our high standard for protection while reducing weight and bulk dramatically. We’ve further articulated our Quadraweave™ exterior with a modern Black Heather texture that looks great and will provide years of durability. We’ve also re-designed the interior bracing system with a better reinforced locking neck block and user-configurable protector pads at the endpin for a perfect fit.

All of the great ergonomic features of the original RB Continental are evident and even improved in the new Voyager series. Our Zero G handle is still the best in the industry (and often imitated poorly by our competition), but we’ve also added edge seams to improve longevity and durability. And for air travel, or even just getting around town, our adjustable, hideaway backpack is as comfortable as ever.

Our high standards for quality craftsmanship have been meticulously maintained, a process and a manufacturing ethos that we established back in the 1970s when we created the first professionally accepted gig bag. The use of industrial-grade high-tensile thread, reversed water-resistant zippers, abrasion and scuff resistant corded edges and seams, EVA backed material, and internally reinforced structure in high stress areas are just a few of the “under the hood” advantages that a Reunion Blues case provides. Best of all, we back this up with the peace of mind that comes from our industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

The RB Continental Voyager guitar case  is guaranteed to protect your axe in style for years to come.


  • 1” Thick Shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton™ with reinforced impact panels for ultimate protection
  • Zero G™ palm-contoured handle with weight-distributing foam core for comfortable, easy carrying
  • Forstærket nakkestøttesystem låser instrumentets nakke sikkert på plads
  • Ballistic Quadraweave™ exterior w/water resistant zippers and rigid EVA backing for durability
  • EVA-forstærket laptop/tablet-kompatibel multilomme
  • To justerbare beskyttelsespuder til endestykker
  • Kabler og sømme med høj styrke
  • Rillet slidgitter på top og bund modstår slid
  • Dobbeltsyet med højstyrketråd og forstærket på testede belastningspunkter
  • Included removable shoulder strap helps distribute weight while carrying the case by the handle
  • Justerbare, skjulte rygsækstropper
  • Greb i gummibelagt skum
  • Indvendige beskyttelsespuder ved topstykke og bro
  • Praktisk udvendig lomme til hurtig opbevaring
  • Begrænset livstidsgaranti

Internal Length: 102 cm – 40″
Internal Upper Bout Width: 33 cm – 13″
Internal Lower Bout Width: 35,5 cm – 14″
Internal Depth: 8 cm – 3″ (per compartment)
Weight: 4.763 Kilograms / 10.5 Ibs