1959 Fender Bassman Amp Tweed 5F6-A – Narrow Panel

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Model:Bassman Amp Tweed 5F6-A -Narrow Panel
Tubes:GZ34 – 2 x 5881 – 2 x 12AX7 – 12AX7
Watts: 40-50 Watt


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We present an original 1959 Fender Bassman Amplifier tweed 5F6-A – Narrow Panel. Made in Fullerton, California. 

The amplifier is in gorgeous original shape and sounds incredible good in exceptional condition. The mother of all amps!

This Bassman amplifier reacts well to a host of effects pedals and different guitars, but truly shines with the guitar plugged straight into the amp. One of the best tweed that Fender ever made and also the most copied amplifier in the world. But this one is the real deal. The original pots (dating to the 1959) and the circuit is very original and untouched except of 3 caps that has been replaced many years ago. The original tweed covering and grill cloth is in great shape with  good old vintage look. The plastic handle is intact and also original. The transformers is intact and all original. All tubes are NOS and have been tested and work perfect.

All 4 speakers is original – Jensen P10R alnico 10″ speaker with a clean teal frame and Jensen sticker. Only one of the speaker has been re-coned. All speakers is dated 45th week of 1959. The other most pertinent date code is the “IK” stamp on the very clean/original tube chart, which translates to November of ’59. The serial number stamped on the chassis also matches the hand-serialized tube chart. There is an external stepdown transformer included to keep it original without ruin the originality.


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