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Sell Your Guitar

We bought 322 guitars from a guitar collection in Denmark

Maybe the biggest guitar collection in Denmark?

We just bought 322 guitars from a collector in Denmark! See the full video on how to handle this amazing collection.
Sadly, our valued customer, the collector Ole Kim Tranum, passed away 3 month ago and now it was time for his family to let the collection find a new home. We at Guitar Hunter are very honored to be chosen to handle the collection. We will handle it with the respect it deserves and our goal is to get it out to new happy customers so they can enjoy these amazing guitars. We would like to thank Ole’s daughter for thinking of us and we will do our best to handle this collection with the utmost respect.

Sell your guitar

We are always looking to add new instruments to our inventory. If you’re thinking about selling your guitar or bass please keep us in mind.

We have a great reputation for quality and are only interested in original (no refinishing ect.) used guitars, used basses, vintage guitars, vintage basses, and rare used guitars. We gladly pay current market value for exceptional items.

What we are looking for: Vintage Fender / Vintage Gibson / Fender Custom Shop / Gibson Custom Shop & Martin Guitars. These are the only brands we’re working with. We do not buy used amplifiers only vintage Fender amplifiers.

Obs! We are only buy or trade, we do not offer any consignment agreement.

If you have an exceptional item to sell, or if you have any questions about the above mentioned, please feel free to contact us.

Email us at: sales@guitarhunter.dk – or call:+45 53 61 61 40

Be sure to include pictures and a description of the item(s) you are interested in selling when contacting us via email. If you call and and we are not available, leave a voicemail with a detailed description of the item(s) you wish to sell. We will respond to our earliest convenience.

In order to complete a transaction, we must see the item in person. We cannot provide or accept an exact price via email or over the phone. We will gladly visit you in person if you have a quality, rare piece that you wish to sell. This is often the easiest and fastest way to complete a transaction. If an in-person visit is too burdonsome for either party, you may also ship the item to us so that we can personally inspect it. If we find that it is worthy of purchase upon receipt, we will send payment. If our inspection proves the item is not as expected, we will ship the item back to you. This method requires a contract signed by both parties prior to initial shipment, which we will sign and email to you and ask you to return to us.

ID Information

If we agree on a sale, we require the following information:
A copy of your valid passport or driver’s license, and your full name and address. We do not require your social Security number (or Cpr. number ), but we do require a copy of a valid picture ID. We only accept a passport or driver’s license as valid picture ID.

If you don’t provide the required identification, we can’t agree to buy from you. 

Thank you so much for considering us. We hope to continue proving ourselves as a top buyers & sellers of the best rare guitars, vintage guitars and amplifiers on the market today.

Yours sincerely

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Peter Grønborg Dorvil
Guitar Hunter