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Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Acoustic

Gibson had been making acoustic guitars for more than 50 years before they introduced the Les Paul Model electric guitar, so acoustic performance has always been close to the heart of the company.

For most of the last century Gibson Acoustics were made alongside the electric guitars in Kalamazoo MI and Nashville TN, but in 1987 the production of the acoustics moved to a dedicated factory in Bozeman, Montana. There in the North, the skilled craftsmen still build and assemble the guitars using traditional methods, fitting each dovetail neck joint by hand, resulting in individual and soulfilled instruments.

In November 2022 Gibson doubled their factory size in Bozeman, making space accomodating for the surging interest in authentic, American made guitars.

Check out our current inventory below and if you are looking for a model not in stock please give us a call at +45 53616140 or send us an email at info@guitarhunter.dk

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Experience authentic sound with Gibson

With a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, Gibson has shaped the sounds of generations for more than 100 years. Besides the Gibson acoustic guitar, their line of beloved guitars consists of electric and bass guitars as well. At Guitar Hunter, you can invest in original and authentic Gibson guitars that are either new, vintage or used. This way, you can be sure to find a guitar that will fulfill your dreams of experiencing the Gibson sound.

Gibson – a top choice for quality guitars

The great tone of Gibson is common to all of their guitars, where the most known models are the Hummingbird, J-45, and J-200. All components in the constructions, from the tonewood and shape to the electronics, make the Gibson electric guitars so special.

Do yourself a favor with a Gibson guitar and you are sure to feel the difference – if you have not played a Gibson acoustic guitar before, you do not know what you are missing.

Acoustic guitars from Gibson at Guitar Hunter

At Guitar Hunter, we are Denmark’s biggest authorized Gibson custom shop dealer. This way, you can be sure to find a wide selection of Gibson acoustic guitars in our shop. Every guitar is selected based on its authenticity, which is your guarantee of an authentic and high-end guitar from one of the world’s most iconic guitar brands.

Explore our selection of acoustic guitars from Gibson, and find the one you would like to give a new home. We also have a wide variety of Gibson Custom Shop Guitars. With Gibson, you will be inspired by experiencing sound like never before.