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Are you looking for a new guitar or bass ? In our opinion, there’s nothing quite like handling a new guitar. Whether you prefer electrics or acoustics, few things in this world can compete with the feeling of getting familiar with a new guitar and before long deciding to bring it home to the family.

Here at Guitar Hunter, we have a deep passion for guitars – modern masterpieces as well as vintage wonderbuilts. We are proud dealers of some of the best guitars ever built, and in case you’re looking for something special, you’ve come to just the right place.

Proud dealers of the best guitars on the market

On this site, you can find our different categories of new guitars for sale. We offer a wide variety of special guitars from renowned brands such as Fender, Gibson, Taylor, and Gretsch. To top it all off, we’re even authorised dealers of Gibson Custom Shop guitars as well as Fender Custom Shop guitars and masterbuilts. In other words, if you’re going to buy a special guitar, this is the place to be.


Though founded all the way back in 1946, the original ideas of guitar pioneer Leo Fender have stayed relevant through the decades. Their catalogue of electric guitars include the Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Jazzmaster, of which Fender have made countless editions with emphasis on varying specifics.

Single-coiled brightness and long-lasting sustain

Since the company’s conception, Fender has always strived to combine high quality and practicality. Fender guitars are especially known for their single-coil pickups providing bright, clear, and articulate tones able to ring out for days due to their sustain-enhancing constructions.

High versatility and many options

Fender guitars are well-suited for a multitude of genres including rock, blues, country, and jazz. In general, Fender’s electric guitars are highly versatile and useful in many different aspects, and if you’re looking to buy a guitar for many different purposes, a Fender should tick most boxes.


When it comes to respected guitar brands, few are as renowned as Gibson. Whether it’s acoustic or electric guitars, Gibson have been at the forefront of modern guitar engineering since the beginning of the 20th century.

Warm and rich acoustic guitars

If you’re looking for a standout acoustic, Gibson have many to choose from, including the J-45, SJ-200, and Hummingbird. Their acoustic guitars are handmade from high-quality tonewoods with unique body shapes and bracing patterns enhancing the tonal properties, and if you’re looking for an acoustic with a rich and full-bodied warmth, a Gibson is probably what you need.

Electric guitars with thick and powerful humbuckers

Gibson’s electric guitars are known for their distinctly shaped, iconic designs, including the Les Paul, SG, and Flying V. Common for all of these guitars are their warm, thick humbucker pickups providing a powerful crunch for blues, jazz, and rock as well as heavy metal.

Taylor acoustic guitars

Are you looking for a top notch acoustic guitar? Taylor Guitars are continuously striving to challenge the cutting edge of acoustic guitar technology by coming up with smart advancements in both sound and reliability. Taylor Guitars are the largest American manufacturer of acoustic guitars, and when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, Taylor Guitars are tough to beat.


When talking about American classics, one simply has to include the magnificent Gretsch guitars. With a commitment to hand-crafted quality and fresh, pioneering designs for over 135 years, Gretsch has earned quite the reputation amongst pastime enthusiasts as well as professionals, and here at Guitar Hunter, we are proud to be an authorised Gretsch Custom Shop and Pro dealer.

What are the different types of guitars and how do they differ in terms of sound and playability?

Roughly speaking, guitars can be separated into two types: new, modern guitars and older vintage models. New guitars typically provide technologically advanced tones and improved playability compared to older models, but on the other hand, vintage guitars provide iconic and historic tones that are tough to replicate.

What brands of Guitar can I find at Guitar Hunter?

Here at Guitar Hunter, you can find guitar brands including Fender, Gibson, Taylor, and Gretsch.

We gladly help with anything

If you haven’t already decided what guitar to pursue, we are always glad to help. In case you have questions regarding our guitars or other products, feel free to call us at +45 53 61 61 40 or email us at sales@guitarhunter.dk.

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