Guitar Picks

Are you looking for new guitar picks? When it comes to guitar picks, there is no such thing as a standard pick that simply works for every guitarist. Although some common details are generally worth considering, choosing the right pick has a lot to do with personal feel, playing style, and musical taste.

At Guitar Hunter, we have a large selection of guitar picks to choose from. In case you’re having trouble making an informed decision, we have included some advisory guidelines for picking just the right pick.

Dunlop guitar picks

While some guitarists don’t mind shredding with a coin or a folded piece of paper, a quality guitar pick will definitely boost your playing by making your strumming more precise and effortless. Due to their consistency and extensive variety, we prefer Dunlop guitar picks, and in our humble opinion, so should you.

With Dunlop guitar picks, you’re always guaranteed high durability and longevity, and with a highly innovative catalogue of custom guitar picks, there’s a very good chance that our assortment of Dunlop guitar picks holds a guitar pick perfect for your style and preferences.

How do you find the perfect guitar pick?

Finding the perfect guitar pick comes down to a number of factors. Generally, the optimal pick for you depends on your preferred musical genre and your playing style. However, choosing the right guitar pick also has a lot to do with personal preferences with regards to:

  • Material
  • Thickness
  • Shape
  • Texture


What guitar picks should I use?

Generally speaking, the right guitar pick to use depends on your playing style and genre. For example, thicker and more rigid guitar picks provide better precision and attack for fast and aggressive styles, while thinner and more flexible guitar picks are more suited for acoustic guitar and fingerpicking.

How long do guitar picks last?

The longevity of your guitar picks depends on how frequently you play the guitar. Depending on the quality of the pick, it typically takes an average guitar player a couple of months to wear the tip of the pick down.

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