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One of the best Fender Stratocaster find of the last 20 years. An important piece of Fender history discovered in 2024. Roy Howard Lanham was an American guitarist best known for his work with the Western-style band and also played in Sons Of The Pioneers. He had a long career spanning from the pre-war years all the way to his death. His main playing style was early country and western swing, although he also played jazz remarkably well. Roy Lanham had a close relationship with Leo Fender and the Fender company back in the 50’s, which is why he got this special Stratocaster made for him directly from the factory. After 1958, Lanham became an official promoter of the Fender Jazzmaster, that was introduced in 1958. He was therefore not seen playing his 1957 Stratocaster hereafter. Roy Lanham kept a close relationsship to Leo Fender up until the 1970’s. See much more about this incredible guitar here. Thanks for watching

Each Gibson Custom Shop guitar is unique

As an Authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealer our goal is to bring the biggest selection of Murphy Lab and Historic Reissue guitars in Scandinavia. Via the Made-2-Measure program we are guiding our customers in selecting their dream guitar, along with presenting unique Guitar Hunter-selected M2M guitars. Every Gibson Custom Shop are Unique. Therefore we take unique pictures of each guitar we receive, to make sure that the guitar you are looking at on our website is exactly the one you get. Guitar Hunter ship worldwide and we are looking forward to help you

We bought 322 guitars from a guitar collection in Denmark

Maybe the biggest guitar collection in Denmark?

We just bought 322 guitars from a collector in Denmark! See the full video on how to handle this amazing collection.
Sadly, our valued customer, the collector Ole Kim Tranum, passed away 3 month ago and now it was time for his family to let the collection find a new home. We at Guitar Hunter are very honored to be chosen to handle the collection. We will handle it with the respect it deserves and our goal is to get it out to new happy customers so they can enjoy these amazing guitars. We would like to thank Ole’s daughter for thinking of us and we will do our best to handle this collection with the utmost respect.

All original 1950 Fender Broadcaster

We are proud to present an all original 1950 Fender Broadcaster. Made in Fullerton, California. The 1950 Fender Broadcaster is the first commercial electric guitar in the world that started it all. This incredible guitar is all original throughout. We are thrilled to say we have a 1950 Fender Broadcaster. What a beautiful and great sounding historical piece.

Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Goldtop

An amazing 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Goldtop we just bought from a collector. This incredible guitar is all original throughout besides for new frets. Well loved and played, but at the same time kept original. Sorry for Danish language. In the future our videos will be in English. Hope you enjoy this incredible looking guitar. This is definitely one of the coolest Goldtop we have ever seen.

Kirk Hammett’s 1959 Black Stratocaster

We are proud to present this exceptional 1959 Fender Stratocaster that comes from Kirk Hammett’s personal collection, and includes in the case candy, a few previously unreleased pictures of Kirk Hammett with this Fender Stratocaster alongside the band on stage – All taken by his personal photographer. This guitar has been used to play the Metallica hit “Nothing Else Matters” live on the ‘Hardwired To Self-Destruct’ tour ( WoldWired Tour) An original personal letter from Kirk Hammett that proof and confirm our description is included as well. We got the original letter directly from Mr. Hammett himself.

Mads Langer interview – Hør Historien bag Guitarerne

Mads Langer har siden 2006 toppet hitlisterne både nationalt og internationalt. Gode sangskrivere søger altid de bedste guitarer, som inspirerer dem til at skrive nye sange. Mads har gennem årene anskaffet sig en imponerende guitarsamling, men har nu besluttet sig for at skille sig af med en del af de fantastiske guitarer. Vi i Guitar Hunter er stolte af at kunne præsentere og sælge disse fine instrumenter.

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Dealing vintage & rare guitars requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience. Our expertise is primarily in Fender, Gibson, and Martin guitars. We have spent years collaborating with other vintage experts and music professionals to build understanding and knowledge of the market. We have a personal passion for finding ‘the real deal’ and love the excitement of the hunt.

Original 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard “Burst”

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard! This amazing Burst is one of the most beautiful guitars we ever sold. We pay a tribute to the legendary Gibson Les Paul Standard made from 1958 to 1960 also know as BURST!

Read more about this incredible guitar find https://guitarhunter.dk/product/1960-gibson-les-paul-standard-burst/

DIZZASTER – Martin Nielsen signature bass overdrive. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

This signature pedal is build to Martin Nielsens ( Bass player in Dizzy Mizz Lizzy ) exact specifications in association with Peter Grønborg Dorvil from Guitar Hunter. The Dizzaster pedal features an unique combination of compression, drive, and EQ mixing to get the discerning tone that Martin craves for, when he pounding out weighty bass tones live or in the studio with his award winning band Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Limited Edition of 250 pcs. Release October 8th & preorder September 15th exclusive through guitarhunter.dk