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Vintage Guitars & Amps

Vintage Guitars & Amps

We do our best to select some of the finest vintage guitars on the market. To fulfill that goal we work hard and it takes a lot of time and knowledge. When, where, what and why. There are many questions that needs to be answered and we are 100% ready to do that.

So we will insure that our customers to get the best experience when they visit our store to find their next dream vintage guitar. We are here to help you and give good advice in finding the right guitar for you. That’s why you need an appointment to visit our department for vintage guitars.

Call +45 53 61 61 40 or Send us an email: sales@guitarhunter.dk And we will make sure that we have time and are ready to help when you visit us. 

Yours sincerely

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Peter Grønborg Dorvil and the Guitar Hunter team.


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