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Vintage Gibson Guitars

Regarding vintage guitars & vintage amplifiers 

Guitar Hunter only deals in the buying and selling of premium vintage guitars and amplifiers. That is the sole focus of our vintage department and this means we only select the finest items from the hundreds of vintage instruments that pass through our hands.Vintage Gibson Guitars 13 Vintage Gibson Guitars

It takes a lot of time, knowledge and experience to meet the expectations from our existing clients, but also to inspire confidence in a customer who may be new to the vintage market.

We only deal in unmodified premium vintage, and have therefore had countless factory original instruments through our hands. This experience gives us the expertise to be able to answer all “when, what, where and why?” questions regarding any instrument that passes through our store.

We work closely with some of the world’s best experts and collectors to ensure that we only present the finest vintage instruments and amplifiers on the market.

To be able to provide both new and existing clients with the attention and expertise required for our services, we’re ready to help.

Feel free to call +45 53 61 61 40 or send us an email: sales@guitarhunter.dk Looking forward to see you in our shop.

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Peter Grønborg Dorvil & the Guitar Hunter team.

Together with Fender, Gibson is the longest standing and most influential guitar manufacturer. Throughout electric guitar history, Gibson have contributed with several iconic models that have stood the test of time, and here at Guitar Hunter, we deeply appreciate Gibson’s important heritage.

Are you looking for a Vintage Gibson? We always keep a number of vintage Gibsons in stock, and if you’re searching for a special Gibson that’s difficult to come by, chances are we might have just the guitar you’re missing.

Vintage Gibson Les Paul

With its warm, thick, and heavy tone, the Gibson Les Paul paid huge dividends to shaping rock and roll history since the original’s conception in 1952. Since then, Gibson have made plenty of attempts to modernise the design, i.e. Les Paul Classic and Les Paul Modern, and with great success as well.

Still however, there’s just something unexplainable about the original models. Here at Guitar Hunter, we always have Vintage Gibsons in stock for those of our customers who cherish Gibson’s vintage models as much as we do. Hopefully, we can sell you the Vintage Les Paul that you haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

Vintage Gibson SG

With the exciting sixties came the Gibson SG, and apart from its raw and rather unusual design, the SG also ushered in a roaring growl of an overdrive sound – perhaps best personified by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath and his trusted Gibson SG.

At Guitar Hunter, we have sold numerous vintage Gibson SGs, and we strive to always keep special SGs from the ‘60s in stock that should peak any SG enthusiast’s interest.

Vintage Gibson ES

If there’s one body style that has inspired countless models and designs, it’s the Gibson ES. Though Gibson have continued to adjust the specifics of the semi-acoustic, hollow-bodied ES, some models were just perfect the way they were originally crafted.

Are you looking for a Gibson ES from the ‘60s in perfect shape? Our selection of vintage Gibsons changes but oftentimes contains ES-125s, ES-330s, and ES-355s.

Interested in other vintage guitars? Apart from Gibsons, we also offer vintage Fender guitars. Should you prefer a modern guitar with less nostalgia and improved tech, why not have a look at our freshly built electric guitars from Gibson or Fender?

Should you have any questions about our products, feel free to give us a call at +45 53 61 61 40 or email us at sales@guitarhunter.dk.