Certificate Of Authenticity

We guarantee the authenticity of all our vintage instruments and amplifiers. When you purchase a vintage electric instrument from Guitar Hunter you will also receive all relevant picture documentation on a USB drive and a certificate of authenticity. Every description with details on each vintage instrument on our website is what we say it is. We have many years of experience dealing with guitars and are highly skilled in authentication and verification of vintage guitars.

Examples of inside pictures of factory stock guitars:

Pencil neck date on an all original 1956 Fender Stratocaster. XA is for Xavier Armenta. This is most the common initials in the year of 1956.

Original pots and switch with untouched solder joints on a Fender Stratocaster.

Vintage Fender neck stamp. The first number refers to model (this is a Jaguar) and month + year. B is for the dimensions of the neck. B = 1 5/8″ at the nut

Fender neck holes and neck plate. A good example to see that neck and body belongs together.

Fender tremolo cavity with untouched ground wire soldered to the tremolo.

All original 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top P-90 Pickup with factory wire and untouched solder.

Early and all original 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Untouched Patent number pickup with untouched solder on pickup cover.

All original Gibson Les Paul Custom 1969 pots with factory wire and untouched solder joints.

Fender neck pocket with factory shim.

Back of pickguard on all original Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster with factory wire and untouched solder. This guitar features factory Black Bottom pickup’s. Factory tape that hasn’t been touched.

Original Fender potentiometer. CTS code: 304-6545 that means made in 45th week of 1965.

Body date on an all original 1957 Fender Stratocaster. The date tells it was made in August 1957.