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Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett from Metallica has inspirered guitarists worldwide for more than four decades with his memorable and powerfull riffs as well as playing some of the most famous guitar solos ever made. His influece can be heard on countless metal and hard rock albums. We’re honored to call Kirk a friend of the shop and being able to buy some amazing guitars of him. We and Kirk share the same passion of vintage and rare guitars, we are therefore proud to have sold him some incredible vintage guitars over the years.

His Black 1959 Fender Stratocaster that was used to play the Metallica hit ‘Nothing Else Matters’ live on the ‘Hardwired To Self-Desctruct’ toour (WorldWired Tour).

His precious ESP named Scully / Caution and was in his personal collection for more than 20 years, and has been one of his main touring guitars for many years.

Kirk Hammett 3 Kirk Hammett

Peter, the owner of Guitar Hunter, had the enormous pleasure of trying out one of Kirk’s most beloved guitars and probably the most legendary Burst of all time – “Greeny” – formerly owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore.