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Fender Custom Shop Basses

Fender Custom Shop Basses

Are you considering buying a electric bass? Our name might be Guitar Hunter, but our passion for instruments doesn’t stop at guitars. Accordingly, we also offer a selection of high quality basses from brands such as Fender Custom shop.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, this is the place to be. But how do you decide which bass is perfect for you, and what specifics should you consider? In case you could use some advice, we have included some suggestive guidelines for picking a bass that ticks all the right boxes.

Finding a bass that fits the bill

For those not familiar with the bass and its intricate magnificence, basses will typically have less pulling power than electric guitars and other more eccentric instruments. However, across the vast landscape of music genres, the bass probably holds the crown for being the most commonly used instrument, perhaps in tight competition with the drums.

Throughout modern music history, the bass has played a pivotal role in both shaping and changing the world of music as we know it. Perhaps you already have a bass with just the right sound and feel in mind, but in case you haven’t already decided on which bass to bring home, we have a couple of bulletproof suggestions.

Fender Precision Bass

Introduced in the early ‘50s, the Fender Precision Bass was the first commercially successful electric bass guitar. Due to its next level design and functionality, the P Bass’ popularity played a huge part in setting the standard for the future development of the electric bass.

Though originally invented in 1951, Fender have continuously introduced various iterations of the P Bass, including different pickup configurations, active electronics, different neck profiles, and finishes, keeping the P Bass relevant right to this day and beyond.

While it is perhaps best known for its thick and punchy tone used in funk, rock, and metal, the Fender Precision Bass has played a significant role in shaping the sound of popular music across genres and remains a popular choice among bassists worldwide.

Fender Jazz Bass

The Fender Jazz Bass is an iconic model that was first introduced in 1960 as a complementary instrument to the Precision Bass. With emphasis on playability and increased tonal versatility, the Jazz Bass featured a number of innovative traits.

One of the distinctive features of the Jazz Bass is its neck. It has a slim and narrow profile, making it more accessible for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a faster playing style. The neck is usually made of maple and is bolted onto the body, providing stability and a bright tone.

Like the Precision Bass, the Fender Jazz Bass also gained remarkable popularity across different genres. However, in comparison to the P Bass’ thick and punchy low end emphasis, the Jazz Bass is known for its clarity, articulation, and midrange presence.


What should a beginner look for when selecting their first bass, and how can they learn to play the instrument effectively?

When selecting your first bass as a beginner, you should consider a bass that’s fun and easy to play with a sound that inspires you to pick it up again and again. Consider a shorter scale length, four strings, and pickups suited for your preferred genre.

To learn to play the bass effectively, you should learn proper playing technique through basic exercises with a bit of music theory on the side. Playing along to songs you like and simply having fun is good for motivational reasons, but in order to learn to play the instrument more effectively, understanding the basics of music theory and knowing what to practise goes a long way.

What bass brands can I find at Guitar Hunter?

At Guitar Hunter, you can find basses from brands such as Fender, Fender custom Shop.

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