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We are authorized Gretsch Custom Shop and Pro dealer.

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With its emphasis on hand-craftsmanship and commitment to quality over a storied 135 years and counting, Gretsch has pioneered new designs and

 manufacturing techniques, winning endorsements from some of the music industry’s most respected artists, including Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran, Billy Duffy, Bono, Duane Eddy, George Harrison, Brian Setzer, Stephen Stills and Malcolm Young.

Authorized Gretsch dealer means that we can order specific Gretsch Custom Shop and Pro guitars for our customers.

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The Gretsch Custom Shop is where the time-honored legacy reaches its creative apex. No instruments epitomize the extraordinary expertise and attention to detail of Gretsch’s most trusted hands like Custom Shop instruments. From modern versions of legendary Gretsch instruments to artist tribute models and specially requested one-off guitars, the Gretsch Custom Shop takes “That Great Gretsch Sound” to an entirely new plane, but also preserves and perfects it.

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Master Builder Stephen Stern has led the Gretsch Custom Shop since 2005. Stern arrived at the world-famous Fender Custom Shop in 1993, where he became a Master Builder in 1994 and studied under the great arch-top luthiers Jimmy D’Aquisto and Bob Benedetto. His exquisite arch-top construction skills eventually led him to the Gretsch Custom Shop.Gretsch Pro &Amp; Custom Shop Guitars 12 Gretsch

One of Stern’s top projects early on was the exquisite 2007 Brian Setzer Tribute Nashville™ model. Other high-profile projects included the Billy Zoom Tribute Custom Shop Silver Jet™ and Chet Atkins 125th Anniversary Hollow Body (2008), and the Eddie Cochran Tribute Hollow Body (2010). One of his proudest achievements was the 2011 release of the George Harrison Tribute Custom Shop Duo Jet. He also crafted the prototype for the Duane Eddy Signature Hollow Body and built instruments for other noted guitarists including Steve Miller, Steve Hunter and Brian Ray.


Gonzalo Madrigal started out at Fender in 1996 by binding and sanding guitar bodies on the production craftsman, he gradually made his way to the Fender Custom Shop in 2004, where he worked on Benedetto binding and neck fitting.

He too worked on various high-profile “tribute” projects, Gretsch Pro &Amp; Custom Shop Guitars 13 Gretschincluding the Fender Clapton “Blackie” Stratocaster, Stevie Ray Vaughan “Number One” and “Lenny” Stratocasters and Telecaster, and the EVH “Frankenstein” replica guitar.

Madrigal’s exemplary work also brought him to the attention of Stern and projects at the Gretsch Custom contributed to the Brian Setzer and Eddie Cochran 6120 models, the Billy Zoom Silver Jet, the G6128T-Harrison “Tribute” Duo Jet and the G6131MY-CS Custom Shop Malcolm Young “Salute” Jet™.

After 12 years under Stern’s tutelage, Madrigal was promoted in early 2018 to a Master Builder


Chad Henrichsen joined the Gretsch Custom Shop in 2008, after spending four years with Fender as a guitar tech and, later, group lead of quality control/inspection. Henrichsen brings that developed eye for subtle nuances and perfection to the Gretsch Custom Shop, where he specializes in crafting custom necks.
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A tinkerer at heart, Henrichsen enjoys woodworking, modifying amps, fixing cars and building computers. Proficient on the guitar, bass, piano and drums, he says he takes the most pride in being challenged by requests from artists like Zac Brown (Custom Falcon and Custom Penguin), or Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson (Custom 12-string bass) or Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Billy-Bo).

“I enjoy taking things apart just to see how they work and thinking of the di!erent ways it could be made. So naturally, I enjoy a build request that is outside the norm which makes me figure out how to make it work.”