1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp – Blackface

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Model:Deluxe Reverb – Blackface
Tubes:GZ34 – 2 x 6V6GT – 12AT7 – 12AX7 – 3 x 7025 – 12AT7
Watts:20 – 22 watts


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We present an original 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier blackface. Made in Fullerton, California.

This Fender amplifier is a relatively clean early-CBS example of one of the all-time classic Fender amps. With enough gain to kick at low level and enough headroom to keep up with a drum kit, full reverb, and tremolo facility, the Deluxe Reverb is one of the benchmark 1960s amps that others are compared to. Externally it shows some light typical wear to the Tolex, grillcloth and faceplate but nothing too serious. The original speaker has been reconed.

This Deluxe was recently serviced with Electrolytic capacitors replaced, a re-bias to spec, three-prong cord installed and NOS tubes. The rectifier tube is a Mullard GZ34, Power tubes: GE Electric 6V6 pair, V6: GE Electric 12AT7, V5: Mullard 12AX7, V4: Mullard 12AX7, V3: GE Electric 12AT7, V2: Matsushita/Toshiba 12AX7, V1: Mullard 12AX7. Overall, this is a great-sounding early-CBS example of one of the all-time classic Fender amps, in ready-to-gig condition.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter. https://guitarhunter.dk/product/toroidy-ats300va-stepdown-converter-230-110v/

  • Serial number: A-12947.
  • Tube Chart: “OB” which date to February 1965.
  • All transformers date 1965.
  • Speaker date: 1965.


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