MusicNomad Hone Guitar Hygrometer – Humidity & Temperature Monitor

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MusicNomad Hone Guitar Hygrometer

Innovative Humidity & Temperature Guitar Monitor Easily Clips Directly onto Your Acoustic or Electric Guitar Strings

The Accurate Sensor Monitors Your String Instrument’s Environment Every 20 Seconds and Gives You the Humidity and Temperature Readings on Its LCD display

Gives You the Maximum and Minimum Humidity & Temperature Range Over the Period You Are Measuring and Can Be Reset at Any Time

Works Great to Monitor all Guitar Humidifiers, even 2-Way Humidity Packs. Own a MusicNomad Humitar Humidifier (sold separately)? HONE Can Replace the Lid and Snap In

Comes with Many Other Cool Features Such as a Reminder of the Humidity and Temperature Safe Zone You Want to Keep Your String Instrument at, a Long-Lasting AG 13 Battery, and Fahrenheit or Celsius Readings

Protecting your guitar just got easier. MusicNomad, the leader in equipment care, has developed HONE, a patented humidity & temperature monitor that is accurate, reliable and easy to use. Perfect for Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and other String Instruments because monitoring your instrument’s environment is critical to ensure you stay within the manufacturer’s warranty and to protect your prized instrument from drying, warping, shrinking or cracking. HONE will determine if you need to use a humidifier, de-humidifier or neither. Our innovative design allows you to customize how you want to measure. The coolest feature is it easily clips directly onto your guitar strings. You can also place it inside your case or any room you want to monitor. Own a MusicNomad Humitar Humidifier (sold separately)? Remove the existing lid and clip in HONE to start measuring the humidity & temperature. So many ways to HONE into the Safe Zone. That’s MusicNomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.