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Acoustic Guitars

Are you considering buying an acoustic guitar? Whether you’re looking for your very first high quality acoustic guitar, or if you’re a professional trying to find an acoustic guitar that not only sounds amazing but also withstands the wear and tear of a working musician, we have a wide range of interesting options from some of the most renowned brands.

What is the best acoustic guitar for you? In most cases, choosing just the right acoustic guitar comes down to various personal preferences as well as of course sound quality and playability.

Our preferred acoustic guitar brands

At Guitar Hunter, we mainly deal with acoustic guitars from Gibson and Taylor as well as vintage acoustic guitars from various brands. Both Gibson and Taylor are known for their top class craftsmanship making some of the very best acoustic guitars providing both authentic sound as well as innovative features for increased feel and playability.

Gibson’s best acoustic guitar types

When it comes to singling out the best acoustic guitar types from Gibson’s product line, experts will affirm that there are many to choose from. The first example that springs to mind is the iconic and widely recognized J-45 known for its warm and balanced tone used in a wide range of genres, including both folk and country as well as blues and rock.

Another popular choice is the Gibson Hummingbird. With its highly recognizable square-shouldered dreadnought body shape typically assisted with ornate pickguard artwork, the classic Hummingbird look is indistinguishable from its bright and resonant tone with excellent projection.

Among Gibson’s other acoustic guitar types, the SJ-200 also deserves an honourable mention. Known as the “king of the flat-tops”, the Gibson SJ-200 is renowned for the commanding presence demanded by its jumbo body shape. The SJ-200 is highly versatile, and while sometimes being labelled as an acoustic blues guitar, it’s been favoured in multiple genres including country, folk, and rock.

Taylor’s best acoustic guitar types

When considering the best acoustic guitar types from Taylor, it’s impossible not to mention the Taylor 814ce. Known by many as their flagship acoustic guitar, the 814ce features a Grand Auditorium body shape producing a versatile and balanced tone. This acoustic guitar offers both rich lows and sparkling highs with clear articulation as well as a built-in acoustic pickup.

Another popular choice is the Taylor 314ce. With its Grand Auditorium body shape immensely similar to the 814ce, spotting the visual difference between the two isn’t too easy from a distance. However, when it comes to handling the 314ce, this acoustic guitar is highly regarded for its excellent playability.

Used acoustic guitars

Are you either looking to buy a used classic or interested in offloading a special guitar from your collection? Have a look at our current stock of used acoustic guitars and see if we might have a cut-price edition worth your interest.

Ask us anything

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