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Gretsch Guitar

Are you on the lookout for a classic, American guitar with emphasis on high-end craftsmanship and sleek design? Since the early days of the electric guitar, musicians around the world have loved the great Gretsch sound just as well as their bold and oftentimes breathtaking guitar designs.

At Guitar Hunter, we are all about American guitars, and besides Fender, Gibson, and Taylor, we also strive to provide the very best specimens from Gretsch’s catalogue. Whether you are looking for a beautiful, historic gem or a high-performance electric guitar without a premium price tag, our stock should hold a bit of both.

The beginning of Gretsch Guitars

Since its conception back in 1883, the Gretsch company has been at the forefront of developing musical instruments in many shapes and sizes. Founded by a young Friedrich Gretsch, the German Immigrant set up shop in Brooklyn, New York, building and selling drums, banjos, and tambourines. After Friedrich’s death only 12 years later, Gretsch was passed on to his teenage son, Fred, who had great aspirations for the company.

Gretsch electric guitars

By 1916, Fred Gretsch had managed to turn his fathers shop into one of America’s leading sellers and manufacturers of musical instruments. By this time, Gretsch weren’t in the guitar business, but due to Fred’s business hunch, the company began giving the people what they wanted, which proved to be guitars.

After his retirement In 1942, Fred Gretsch Sr. left the company in the hands of his sons, Fred Jr. and William. By introducing custom colours, futuristic looking gizmos and other gimmickry on their great sounding guitars, Gretsch took the 1950s by storm and even outsold Fender.

Falcons, Jets, and Penguins

During the 1950s, Gretsch Guitars created some of their most iconic models, including the White Falcon, Duo Jet, and 6134 Penguin. With focus around a spectacular, jaw-dropping guitar design, the Gretsch guitars of the ‘50s were also equipped with high-quality specs and sought to blend a creative and playful outside with a powerful and punchy inside.

Gretsch Electromatic

Despite the many years gone by, Gretsch has managed to stay relevant. As well as keeping their history alive by maintaining the production of classic guitar models, Gretsch Guitars also decided to build an affordable option. With the Gretsch Electromatic Series introduced in the early 2000s, the idea was to retain the essence of classic Gretsch tones and designs while also making their guitars accessible to a broader audience.

The Gretsch Electromatic Series has been well-received by guitarists looking for the distinct Gretsch sound as well as their classic aesthetics without the premium price tag. Since its introduction, the Gretsch Electromatic has contributed to expanding the popularity of Gretsch Guitars among players of various genres with plenty of models and finishes to choose from.

Gretsch Pro & Custom Shop

Are you searching for a specific Gretsch model? At Guitar Hunter, we are authorised Gretsch Custom Shop and Pro dealers, and in case you’re looking to buy or sell a special Gretsch guitar, why not head over to our Gretsch Pro & Custom Shop section?

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