1964 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15 – Brown Tolex

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Model:Reverb unit- 6G15
Year:Early 1964


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1964 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15 – Brown Tolex

We present an original 1964 Fender Tube Reverb Unit 6G15 Brown tolex in excellent condition. Made in Fullerton, California.

With one of the rarest cosmetic combinations for Fender’s Reverb Unit, the cabinet features smooth brown tolex paired with gold sparkle grillcloth, a flat brown handle, and a raised Fender logo. This true Pre-CBS tank has a full set of date codes from late 1963 and the first weeks of ’64 on the transformers, pots, tube chart, and reverb pan. The 6G15 all-tube circuit delivers lush and detailed spring reverb, powered by a vintage tube compliment including a Sylvania 6K6 power tube and Mullard and RCA valves in the preamp. With controls for Dwell, Mix and Tone, it’s easy to dial in the perfect amount of splash and sparkle, and this classic Fender effect simply goes in-line between your guitar and amp.

The preamp has replaces some capacitors and filter caps so it can run perfectly. The stock transformers date between the 50th week of 1963 and the 5th week of ’64, and the Stackpole pots date to the 6th week of ’64 with original solder joints. The original Accutronics two-spring tank is also present with stock braided reverb cables, and the tank retains its date stamp from the 4th week of ’64. The tube chart is fully intact too.

The original smooth brown tolex is a true rarity, and the Reverb Unit was the only Fender product to receive this particular smooth textured iteration of the brown tolex across the entire Fender line. This tolex is paired with original gold sparkle grillcloth, and the tolex and grill are uniformly and lightly aged, with a couple requisite cigarette burns on top to boot. The faceplate is particularly clean with original brown barrel knobs. The original raised Fender logo is present as well, along with the stock sphinx glides (feet) and flat handle.

NC date stamp which translates to March of ’64.

Freshly and full
y serviced and it is ready to be played.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter. https://guitarhunter.dk/product/toroidy-ats300va-stepdown-converter-230-110v/