1968 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp – Silverface

Model:Princeton Reverb – Silverface – Drip Edge
Tubes:GZ34- 2 X 6V6GT- 2 X 12AX7 – 12AT7-7025 
Watts: 12- 15 watts


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1968 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp – Silverface

We present an original 1968 Fender Princeton Reverb amplifier in excellent condition. Made in Fullerton, California.

This silverface is a Drip Edge and it sounds incredible good with exactly the same circuit as a blackface with a great tremolo, reverb, crunch and still a clean sound. It even comes complete with its original footswitch as well with its original 10J4 Oxford speaker. Both transformers are original as well. Comes with a new 3-prong power cable.

Cosmetically, the original black Tolex looks particularly excellent condition with minor uniformly aged, with original nailed in feet and even the original handle. The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter. https://guitarhunter.dk/product/toroidy-ats300va-stepdown-converter-230-110v/

  • Date Code output Transformer. 1968
  • Date Code Power Transformer:  34th week of 1968
  • Speaker date: 41th week of 1968
  • Serial number: A23099


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