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Fender Jazzmaster

Are you looking for an instrument providing that classic Fender tone with both lots of authenticity and flexibility? If so, the Fender Jazzmaster is a highly recommendable choice preferred and cherished by a wide plethora of guitarists across multiple genres.

Here at Guitar Hunter, we absolutely adore Fender’s craftsmanship, both in terms of their sense of quality and understanding of the common guitarist’s wants and needs, but also for their genius ingenuity and willingness to gamble. In many ways, the Jazzmaster is a perfect example of all of the above.

The genesis of the Jazzmaster

Having already given birth to the Telecaster in 1951 and the Stratocaster a few years later, one might have assumed that Fender were done coming up with iconic guitar models for the time being and would instead concentrate on their two brilliant bullseye builts before setting the sail for unchartered territory once more. However, Fender had other plans.

Solidbody guitars for jazz guitarists

Despite Fender’s steadily rising popularity in the 1950s, neither the Telecaster nor the Stratocaster managed to convince jazz guitarists that buying a solidbody guitar was the way to go. As a result, the Fender Jazzmaster was an attempt to lure jazz guitarists into the paddock.

Not the intended outcome

In 1958, Fender revealed their very first Jazzmaster, but despite their efforts, jazz guitarists still wouldn’t bite. Perhaps it was the focus on practicality and playability, perhaps it was the futuristic and original look. Either way, jazz guitarists still preferred the more conventional hollow and semi-hollow guitars.

Appreciated by almost every other genre

Like the Tele and the Strat, the Fender Jazzmaster contained every convenience needed for the modern guitarists. Added to that, the Jazzmaster also provided a luxury playing experience, and with its futuristic yet comfortable design icing on the cake, Fender’s new creation was tough to resist. Though failing to tempt the jazz crowd, the Jazzmaster became prevalent in 1960s surf as well as country, rock, alternative, and even metal.

Which Jazzmaster is right for you?

Depending on your preferences, there are many different Fender Jazzmasters to choose from. Whether you’re a nostalgic aficionado, a professional musician demanding ultimate tone and performance, a fan looking for your favourite guitarist’s signature model, or a pastime practitioner on a tight budget, finding the perfect Jazzmaster for you is no problem.

Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster

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