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Fender Telecaster

Together with the Fender Esquire, the Telecaster was the world’s first mass-produced and commercially successful electric guitar. While scoffed and laughed at by the industry during its unveiling in 1951, the ones mocking the Telecaster would soon live to regret calling it a boat paddle.

Since its conception, the original Telecaster has inspired several unique series for various purposes with emphasis on different features. Here at Guitar Hunter, you can find our selection of Fender Telecasters as well as tons of other brilliant guitars.

An iconic design ahead of its time

The Fender Telecaster was in many ways the introduction of the modern electric guitar. Although quite simplistic, the Tele turned out to be an efficient and highly reliable workhorse of an instrument while also providing a brighter and cleaner sound than any guitar before it.

Apart from its original sound, the Tele’s design was also centered around sense and practicality. Leo Fender recognized the need for an easy guitar – one that was easy to tune, easy to play, and easy to hold, and as history came to show, his hunch was spot on.

An electric guitar of the ages

Since its conception, the original Tele has inspired an endless stream of models trying to encapsulate the full potential of the solid body design. Whether you seek simplicity or extravagance, Fender have built Telecasters in a wide range of different designs as well as collaborations with many brilliant guitarists.

Despite the countless efforts to optimize the Telecaster’s potential, the original built and the idea behind it just keeps staying relevant with many modern Telecasters celebrating the old-school sound and feel of the electric guitar.

Fender Vintera Telecasters

There are old-school Teles and modern Teles, and then there are those trying to catch the best of both worlds. One of those series is the Vintera series, where Fender seek to celebrate the Telecasters of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s while pairing them with modern playability and pickup power.

For example, there’s the Vintera ‘60s Telecaster Modified for those who appreciate the traditional Telecaster traits but prefer a modern neck profile and fingerboard as well as updated electronics.

Another option is the Vintera ‘60s Telecaster Bigsby that provides a more traditional style and sound with recreated ‘60s single-coil pickups to match the sounds of the originals as well as a period-accurate neck profile and Bigsby tremolo.

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