1898 Martin 0-28

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C.F. Martin
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1898 Martin 0-28

We present an original 1898 C.F. Martin o-28 with slotted peghead. Made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

This 1898 C.F. Martin 0-28 features all ivory, tuner buttons, end wedge, nut, saddle and rosette. Beautiful age-darkened Spruce top. “V” neck profile. Beautiful rosewood back and sides. Gorgoues herringbone around top. No inlay in fingerboard. Wooden “Zipper” backstrip. Delicate wooden herringbone purfling around top. Original Ivory pins in bridge, and original engraved tuners.

About 4 top cracks, 1 little crack on the side. and a neck reset. All work done by a professional luthier and it looks so fantastic. This guitar would be a joy just to look at on the shelf in the museum because of its condition. Except that it sounds so good you can’t put it down. Currently strung with new silk and steel (we recommend only these strings). The original finish has no touch up or any overspray.

Comes with newer good Martin hardshell case.

Repair that has been done by a professional luthier.

  • The original small bridge has been restored and reglued.
  • Neck reset, so it has the perfect action and the best playability you can get.
  • All cracks has been repaired.

Acoustic historians highlight 1898 as an important year.

Frank Henry Martin—grandson of C.F. Martin and then owner and CEO—introduced the serialization process still used on Martin’s guitars. According to the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, Martin estimated that 8000 guitars had been built between 1833 and 1898, so he commenced the serialization with number 8000—and it still continues today. One of those 8000 guitars is this 1890s Martin 0-28 flattop.

It’s a 0 concert body size with a 28 Series styling. The 0-28 was the smallest in the 28 Series, while the dreadnought D-28 is currently the largest. It has rosewood back and sides with a solid spruce top. The cedar neck matched with an ebony fingerboard and has an ice cream cone-style volute at the 12th fret neck joint. The body features herringbone purfling and a stripe on the back, ivory binding, and a C.F. Martin & Co., New York stamp on the inside of the body.

During this period all of Martin’s guitars were built in the Nazareth shop, but up until 1897 the company still had financial ties with their New York sales agency. While the pre-1898 guitars aren’t sought after or revered as much as the pre-war 1930s flattops, this 0-28 is still a pretty unique instrument.



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