1962 Fender Princeton Amp 6G2 – Brownface

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Model:Princeton Amp 6G2 – Brownface
Tubes:5Y3GT- 2 X 6V6GT- 12AX7 – 7025
Watts: 12 watts


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We present an original and rare 1962 Fender Princeton amplifier 6G2 – brownface. Made in Fullerton, California.

This one is the nicest sounding and best looking transitional Princeton’s you’re likely to find. The Fender Princeton amplifier is serviced with 3 new resistors, newer tubes and a new 3-plug power cable. The Original Oxford CTS 10 inch speaker is in perfect condition.

Absolutely a pure sweet tone for days and a very versatile amp despite not having on-board reverb. This amp is in stunning condition with its original tolex, leather handle,  faceplate, and grill cloth. Everything is in pristine condition. You’ll look far and wide for a cleaner vintage Princeton than this one. But apart from the collector grade condition, it’s the tone of this amp that makes it a treasure.

The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners and hand inked serial number.

  • Output Transformer: 1962.
  • Power Transformer: 1962.
  • Chart Date L.E: May 1962.
  • Serial number: P01699.
  • Speaker Date Code: 465-120-  20th Week Of 1961.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter. https://guitarhunter.dk/product/toroidy-ats300va-stepdown-converter-230-110v/


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