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Used Gibson Custom Shop Guitars

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Used Gibson Custom Shop

Our used Gibson Custom Shop guitars come with the full support of Guitar Hunters expertise in premium guitars & basses. Each used guitar or bass is carefully inspected before sale and always comes with original Certificate of Authenticity, to ensure a safe buying experience with us.
Do you already own a Gibson Custom Shop guitar, but want to trade it in for either a new guitar or cash? At Guitar Hunter we’re always looking for premium quality Gibson Custom Shop guitars, so give us a call at +45 53616140 or send an email to: info@guitarhunter.dk and have a chat about a trade.

Give new life to used Gibson electric guitars

In general, a guitar does not have to be new to provide you with good sound – a used guitar is not synonymous with being of poor quality. That is why we are committed to recycling and encouraging our customers to bring in their used guitars. This way, many of the used electric guitars at Guitar Hunter have spent the majority of their lives hanging on a wall making their time in use limited.

Great Gibson sound regardless of the condition

The most characteristic aspect of guitars from Gibson is their sound – a sound that has shaped the generations for many years. Here, their unique sound has influenced their legacy of being one of the world’s most iconic guitar brands.

Common to all Gibson guitars is their sound, and you will never have to compromise on that, even though the guitar is used – the great sound will always stand out.

Second-hand electric guitars at Guitar Hunter

Take part in recycling guitars from Gibson and pass the extraordinary sound on to many generations to come. When exploring the selection of used electric Gibson guitars, you will find guitars with the same high quality in sound and design.

If you are looking for inspiration, you can explore our other Gibson guitars. The product line at Guitar Hunter consists of both and acoustic Gibson guitars. For the conscious guitarist or collector, we also sell authentic, vintage guitars of the finest and highest quality.