Daddario EJ40 Silk & Steel Strings 11-47

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Daddario EJ40 Silk & Steel Strings 11-47

Daddario EJ40 Silk & Steel Strings were uniquely designed to be our warmest, mellowest acoustic guitar string. Ideal for parlor guitars and vintage instruments, the softened tone of Silk & Steel is often preferred by folk players. Made with silver-plated copper windings, over a combination silk and steel core, the low tension and reduced finger noise of Silk & Steel is well suited for mellow acoustic vibes and fingerstyle playing. This 11-47 Light set is easy to play and provides a warm tone.


MaterialSølvbelagt sår / Silk & Steel
Gauge.011, .014, .023, .028, .038, .047
Made forSpecial made for acoustic guitar with smaller body.