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Fender Custom Shop Guitars

We’re Authorized Fender Custom Shop & Masterbuilt dealers

Through our passion and expertise in guitars of the finest grade, we at Guitar Hunter are proud to be be the only Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt dealer in Denmark. This means that we can offer premium service, knowledge and dedication to one of the most loved and recognized brands in the world.

As Fender Custom Shop & Masterbuilt dealers we are also alone in offering Masterbuilt guitars & basses to our clients in addition to having the largest selection of Fender Custom Shop guitars in Scandinavia. We’re looking forward to helping you build your next dream guitar.

Already own a Fender Custom Shop guitar or Gibson Custom Shop guitar and looking to upgrade or trade? We are always looking for used Fender Custom Shop guitars or basses, so give us a call at +45 53616140 or send us an email at info@guitarhunter.dk

Create your dream guitar with Guitar Hunter

As an official dealer of the Fender Custom Shop, Guitar Hunter is happy to guide you in creating the guitar of your dreams through our configurator.
In a few simple steps you can choose everything about your guitar that will be made directly by the Fender Custom Shop in California, by the hands of the luthiers who have created unique instruments for international artists. Start here.

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Fender Custom shop was started in 1987 and initially set to recreate the original tradition of Leo Fender. These hand built guitars and basses made at the “Dream Factory” are carried out by the best and most skilled builders at the division in Corona, California. Once you play one you’ll fully understand what it’s all about. From faithful recreations of early Fender guitars and basses, to modern high performance features, Fender Custom Shop can make your electric dreams come true.

We always strive to have the best and most popular Custom Shop models in stock, so whether you’re looking for a new Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Jazzmaster or Jaguar, Guitar Hunter has got you covered.

In every art form, there are those who have mastered their craft so thoroughly, through years of training and experience, their work routinely commands extra acclaim and admiration, not to mention outright awe. These astonishing artisans are the Master Builders of the Fender Custom Shop; a select group of the most talented builders recognized around the world for their matchless skill, limitless imagination and utter devotion to their art.

Fender Custom Shop instruments have been crafted for and with the input of the world’s finest players – names like Clapton, Beck, Burton, Cray, Gilmour, Townshend, Vaughan, Malmsteen, to name just a few. One could be yours.

Meet the builders

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Fender Custom Shop is renowned for making some of the best guitars that money can buy. These are no ordinary Fender guitars but rather customized masterpieces built to set the standard for guitar craftsmanship all around the world.

Admittedly, the price range can seem limitless, but if you find yourself being a true guitar aficionado with nothing better to spend your hard-earned money on, Fender’s custom guitars are nothing less than works of art that you owe yourself to try out – at least once.

Fender Custom Shop

Since 1987, Fender Custom Shop has focused on keeping the original tradition of Leo Fender alive. While standard versions of their legendary models such as Stratocasters and Telecasters are top quality instruments, a Fender Custom Shop guitar can give you that extra edge and make your jaw drop.

Used Fender Custom Shop

Are you looking for a good deal on a Custom Shop guitar? Here at Guitar Hunter, we have a number of Fender Custom Shop guitars at our disposal – new ones as well as used ones. Our selection of used Custom Shop guitars consists of some of their best and most popular inventions.

Our Fender Custom Shop stock is of course limited due to the rarity of these excellent guitars, but we always strive to have something very special to offer you.

To name a few examples, how about the Buddy Holly Tribute Stratocaster by master-builder Dennis Galuszka? Or perhaps the Custom Telecaster in Trans Red by master-builder Yuriy Shishkov? Find our current selection of used Custom Shop Fender guitars here.

More interested in acoustics?

Even if you prefer an acoustic guitar, amping up your sound with some volume and depth shouldn’t be neglected. How about a fine Italian amp from Acus? The One For Strings series is perfect for classic string instruments, and as an extra feature, they’re made in beautiful birch plywood with a national walnut finish.