1965 Supro Model 24 – Grey Tolex

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Model:Model 24 – Grey Tolex
Tubes:5Y3 – 2 x GE6973 – 3 x 12AX7
Watts:18 watts


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1965 Supro Model 24 – Grey Tolex

We present a beautiful 1965 Supro Model 24 – Grey Tolex. Manufactured in Chicago by Valco Mfg. Co.

This is a hand-wired point-to-point all-tube Supro amp, that is in overall excellent condition. The front tolex is still beautiful and 100% intact, the same goes for the grey tolex on the amp. Overall just a stunning piece.

The amp is fully serviced and therefore in perfect working order with new capacitors and 3 prong plug. Runs on 110 volt.

It even comes with its original transformers as well.

The original handle still works perfectly.

  • Original Sylvania tubes and 2 prong plug / 3 prong plug is included.
  • Original Jensen speaker.
  • Professionally serviced.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter. https://guitarhunter.dk/product/toroidy-ats300va-stepdown-converter-230-110v/