1979 Ibanez FL-301 – Flanger (Made in Japan)

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FL-301 - Flanger
Original box

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1979 Ibanez FL-301 – Flanger (Made in Japan)

We present an all original version 1 Ibanez FL-301 Flanger guitar pedal from 1979. Made in Japan.

Overall, this pedal is in absolutely stunning condition with very limited scratches and wear on the surface.

The Ibanez FL-301 Flanger serves up sweet, vintage flanged goodness through features like an all-analog design, three-knob layout with controls for speed, regen, and width, and the legendary 301 Ibanez diehard chassis. Capable of summoning big, swirling flange sounds with a few knob twists that put you dead center hair metal grandeur, the FL-301 can also be dialed back for a more sedate effect that adds an edge to your tone.

The pedal comes with the original box, which is in stunning condition.