Original 1962 Fender deluxe Brownface-6g3

Model:Deluxe Brownface – 6G3
Tubes:GZ34 – 2 x 6V6GT – 2 x 12AX7 – 7025
Watts: 20 Watts



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I present an original 1962 Fender Deluxe Brownface in great shape.

This is of the most celebrated guitar amplifiers ever produced, and it sounds so great. Six knob layout includes normal and bright channels, the latter with tremelo Speed and Intensity controls. All original gleaming brown tolex covering, grille cloth, knobs. The amplifier has been maintained in uncannily pristine condition and sounds equally amazing.

Few caps and resistance has been changed  in order to keep the amp quiet and running. The original speaker has been reconed so it sounds well.
As with many of these old amps, the leather handle is broken, so there is replaced a new reproduction leather handle ( the original is included)
Both tranformers is stock and all original.

To keep it as original as possible, you need a desktop voltage converter, so it can run with 230volt without changing anything (If you live in USA, there is no need to purchase a stepdown converter )

The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners.

Freshly and full serviced and complete with a full vintage NOS tube set.



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