Tone king Falcon Grande – Cream

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Make:Tone king
Model:Falcon Grande – Cream
Reverb:Solid state spring reverb
Tubes:2 x 12AX7A – 2 x 5881
Watts:20 Watt
Speaker:1x 12″ Custom Designed by Eminence

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About Tone King Falcon Grande Amp

The Falcon Grande sings with the voice of a classic, vintage tube amp… three of them, actually. Even with a straight-forward volume/tone front end, this amp boasts immense flexibility. The secret lies in a 3-position voicing switch that changes the amp’s character from clear and spanky (Rhythm) to warm and compressed (Tweed) or a singing overdrive (Lead). And you’re able to fine-tune your tone with our lush spring reverb and onboard Ironman II reactive load power attenuator. The Falcon Grande is a rootsy-sounding powerhouse as ready for the arena as it is the living room.

Tone King Falcon Grande manual here: Falcon_Grande_Manual

Tech Specs

ModelTone king Falcon Grande – Cream
Speaker1x 12″ Custom Designed by Eminence speakers
Number of Channels1
3-Position voicingControl for rich, authentic 50s and 60s vintage sounds
Power Output20W
ControlsVolume, Tone, Reverb Dwell, Reverb Mix, Attenuation Level
SwitchRhythm / Tweed / Lead
Preamp tubes3x 12AX7A
Power amp tubes2x 5881
Speaker outputmin. 8 ohms
Input1x 6.3 mm Jack
Country of productionHand Made in USA
Dimensions(W x D x H): 572 x 483 x 279 mm
Weigth15,4 kg