1958 Fender Twin Amp 5F8-A Tweed – High Power

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Twin Amp - 5F8-A High Power
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1958 Fender Twin Amp 5F8-A Tweed – High Power

We present an original 1958 Fender Twin Amp 5F8-A Tweed High Power. Made in Fullerton, California.

The 5F8-A revision has since become known as the “High Power Tweed Twin” and is regarded as one of Leo’s finest achievements. This is simply the most desired standard production Fender amp ever made, and arguably one of the most collectible amplifiers of all time. This 1958 Fender amplifier is not only rare and a legedary, but it’s also pre-owned by Eric Johnson and serviced by the well respected amp tech; George Alessandro.

The Fender Twin Amp 5F8-A update of 1958 was a bigger output transformer. Fender was showing the world the future of the professional amplifier for the big stage, and stepping up to a whole new level of performance – which is saying something for a company that was already setting the standards for high-quality guitar amps.

This amplifier is in great original condition for its age. Both tranformers are original and the original Jensen P12N are great and sound fanatstic. One of the speaker is reconed. The tweed covering are in very good shape but shows honest wear and tear. Especially in the bottom it’s rough and you can see into the bare wood.

Over the years it has been serviced with some new capacitors and resistors so it can run perfectly include tubes and new prong cord. Newer leather handle is added as well. At some point there is added a bias control that makes it more quiet. It’s not a mod but an extra feature that can be taken out but we will leave it as is. We are pretty certain that this is made by Eric Johnson’s amp tech. The amp sounds so amazing with a lot headroom and there is a reason why this Fender amplifier model is one of the most sought after.

To keep it as original as possible you need a stepdown transformer. We have these in stock and can be purchased through Guitar Hunter.


  • Approx. 85 watts from four 5881/6L6GC output tubes
  • One 12AY7 and two 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Bright and Normal channels with volume on each; shared treble, bass, middle and presence controls
  • Cathode-follower tone stack
  • Two 12” Jensen P12N Alnico speakers
  • Finger-jointed pine cabinet covered in diagonal-striped tweed cloth
  • Tube Chart: HG ( July 1958 )
  • Speaker date: 220743 – 43th week of 1957
  • Output Transformer: Triad 79 93
  • Power Transformer: 45268
  • Serial number:  A-00322


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