1959 Fender Jazzmaster – Sunburst – Gold Anodized Pickguard

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Jazzmaster - Sunburst - Gold Anodized Pickguard
1959 ( pre-CBS )
Original Tweed Hardshell Case
Very Good / All Original

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1959 Fender Jazzmaster – Sunburst – Gold Anodized Pickguard

We present an all original and 100% complete 1959 Fender Jazzmaster in its original Sunburst finish with Gold Anodized pickguard. Made in Fullerton, California.

This rare 1959 pre-CBS Fender Jazzmaster is all original throughout and even includes the original tremolo arm. The guitar has been loved and well-played for decades and it definitely shows! This guitar has some serious mojo going on. Overall it’s in very good condition, but has a lot of honest wear and tear!

The guitar features a nice alder body whose grain comes through the sunburst finish in such a beautiful way. The original Sunburst finish it still very strong and looks absolutely killer. The maple neck is a comfortable “C” Shape neck that shows a lot of honest wear and it features a beautiful rosewood fretboard. The “Fender” decal still looks beautiful, but unfortunately the “Jazzmaster” writing has worn off.

The frets are really worn out because it has been played so much over the years, so we recommend to get a it professionally refretted, so it can rock out to its fullest potential – but of course we wanted to let the next owner decide whether or not.

Acoustically, the guitar has a very authoritative sound that translates well through the two original black button pickups. Able to deliver everything from sparkle and twang in the bridge position to wooly and complex tones at the neck, this Jazzmaster boasts a distinct and usable tone in every position. Flip a switch to the oft disregarded (and infinitely cool) Rhythm Circuit and you have a whole new palette of dark voicing’s

The original gold anodized has a few facing spots but in overall really good condition. It features the original pickup-selector switch as well as the original knobs.The volume knob is more yellowed than the tone knob and that is not uncommon. That’s has been seen on many jazzmasters from that era. Completely original!

Pickups and electronics/wiring remain untouched and intact, with no broken solder joints, no re-wound pickups. All original and correct.

The original Hardshell Tweed case has a lot of wear and is missing one latch, but otherwise in working order.

  • Body Date: 6/59
  • Neck date: No pencil date from that period
  • Pots date: 16th week of 1959
  • Neck pickup: 7.88 kOhm
  • Bridge pickup: 8.53 kOhm
  • Weight: 3.63 kilograms


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